A Custom Ring, Tailored &
Made For You.. By You.

Craft Your Own Story : Create a Lifetime Treasure Together in This
Unique & Private Experience!

(Don’t leave the studio until you’re satisfied with the end results..)

“My experience at Pakanira was so enjoyable! The instructor was incredibly friendly, the place was clean and the best part is, I got to spend quality time with my beloved. Definitely recommending it to my friends”

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Sofeaa is one of the most highly demanded ringsmiths in Malaysia.

She would love to make rings for everyone if she could, but in the end, she has 24 hours in a day just like you too..

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words… Rings Speak Louder Than Vows..

From as long as we can remember…

Rings have been a symbol of significance and importance…

Rings are able to journey across cultures and eras throughout history while…

Maintaining its primary symbol of eternal unity

No matter the relationship…

Rings stand for a form of commitment, a message to the world & a reminder to one’s self…

If you’re married, a ring is a form of commitment, a message to the world & a reminder to one’s self…

As friends, a ring is a form of commitment & a reminder to one’s self…

After achieving a milestone, a ring is a reminder to one’s self…

“No lah! I dont need a ring. It’s not important..”

You would think that, sure..

But wouldn’t it be awesome if everytime you look at your ring, you think about that special someone or relationship?

And that’s what you’ll get when you wear the custom, handmade ring.. that you yourself made!

If you’re the type that does not value relationships and people, then we believe we will not bring any value to you & we’re sorry for wasting your time..

But if you feel like it’s something you’d appreciate, just click this button below.

“By far the best experience I’ve done with my husband in a long time! Thank you Pakanira for the awesome service, memorable experience and lasting symbol of our love”



You can randomly send your partner a bouquet of flowers to the office on a work day…

You can book a 3D2N short getaway to Fiji….

You can even take a day trip to Penang for Nasi Kandar…

But the thing is, in 5 years you won't remember any of it…

A better option would be…

Using the highest grade 925 Silver, Silversmith Sofeea & team will guide you step by step in creating a pair of custom ‘Love’ rings that will bring back the memories of this intimate experience whenever you look at it.

This will all be done side by side together with your partner within a few hours.. A much better activity than just boring old walking in the mall!

Other Activities

(Ex: Visiting a mall, Watching a movie etc)

• Not memorable

• No intimacy & connection

• Boring

• Nothing physical to represent the memory


Pakanira™ Handmade Ring Workshop

• Lasting Memory Of The Experience

• Intimate Time Spent Together With Partner

• Fun and Unique Workshop (Making A Ring From Scratch)

• Cherished Memories Remembered Whenever Ring Is Worn

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Pakanira™ Hall Of Smiles

& more...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If in the rare event that you aren’t happy with your new ring, we will work until you are satisfied!

No one is leaving The Pakanira™ workshop without a GENUINE smile knowing they’ve created something memorable that lasts a lifetime.

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